A few simple rules apply for all three races:

  • One dog with one racer.
  • The dog must be on leash at all times before, during and after the race.
  • You are responsible to pick up after your dog, both at the track and start / finish area.
  • The dog should be at least one year.
  • All breeds / sizes compete on the same terms.
  • No bitches in heat for attending.
  • Any kind of choke and retriever leashes are not allowed.
  • Film / photos from the competition can be used for marketing purposes or documentation. If you dont want to be in the movies / photos, you need to get in touch with organizers before.
  • Your dog must be vaccinated. / Basvaccinationerna:  Parvo (hundpest),  Valpsjuka,  HCC (smittsam leverinflammation)  Bring and show the vaccination certificate at registration.
  • Everyone participates at their own risk.
  • Paths and roads open to the public, show good sportmanship.

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